terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

Works in Progress..

I've been a little bit distant from the blogging world. Being honest, the work that i've started to produce and some laziness are the main reasons for that, sorry. This post is going to be just an update of my working process at this moment.

Starting with the most important one, the Thesis, i am still really messed up and confused. I know it's kind of normal at this phase, and looking around i realize that i am not alone with this scary situation (that doesn't make me happy, but at least it reassures me). Focus is the most important word i need to incorporate right now, i cannot continue to distract myself with the most insignificant things. Can you explain me how cleaning up my room and do the laundry can suddenly became more important than a final thesis? LOL my priorities are becoming really clean and tidy. 

At least i'm happy to be learning (with some friends help) a new MAC program, that i'm sure is going to be very helpful in my near architectural future, ArchiCad 14. I worked with AutoCad all my life until this point, but i've bought my first Machintosh computer and AutoCad 2012 for Mac was giving me too much problems; and i am actually enjoying ArchiCad right now :)

I am proud to announce that in the end of this week i'm going to deliver my first official participation in an architecture competition, having a partnership with two great friends/collegues. This competition was released by the  Faculdade de Arquitectura  de Lisboa  and it's called  Arquitecturas (IN)úteis. The program of the competition consist in the optimization/conversion of the spaces inside one of the blocks of the faculty.

Competition Poster; Arquitecturas (IN)úteis

Our proposal reflects the economy crisis that all Europe and in particular our country Portugal is feeling, we tried to apply a low budget structure allying that with a multifunctional space that responds to different needs. 
I'll publish some renders+photomontages as soon they are finished so you can have a general look at our ideas.

Beside that i started another big project in my life; remodeling  my loft with my girlfriend, so we can rent it. I think we didn't imagine the amount of work we would need to do when we started, but know that we turned it upside down there is no turning back LOL. The goal is to finish it by the summer. I'll post  more about that topic really soon.

Learning without reflecting about it is just a waste of your own time. Over and Out!

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