sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2012

Architectural Competition |Arquitecturas (IN)úteis| - 3∎

I want to show you some of the work that me along with two friends produced, regarding the architectural contest that i blogged about in the previous post. 

Our proposal consists in modifying the function of the three atriums that distribute the students to their classrooms. We noticed the lack of living spaces and living functions in them; our whole strategy was based on that premise, to give students a  social area and not just a poor circulation and distributive space.

We created a square podium in the center of each atrium based on the square structure of the entire building. With that gesture we could clearly separate circulation from living spaces, providing to students other spatial functions that were non existent.

organizational schemes 3∎ 

To characterize that podium we incorporated some wood panels with cork at one side. The panels have three posible positions, that organization scheme can characterize the space based on the different needs. I think the image we design is very enlightening recreating the spaciality we wanted to achieve (living,social and cultural)






Surely this competition is going to be the first of many others we are going to enter. We work together for the pass five years and we understand each other very well.

Hope you enjoyed as much as we did creating it. Over and Out!

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