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Loft Remodeling in Lisbon/Alvalade


Hello everyone. Sorry for the delayed post. I have been quite busy and short of ideas to write in here. 
I have been working on the redesign of my loft with my girlfriend Ana, and i am very happy with the results we are achieving. As the end is coming, i can now show you how it's turning out.
This all area was my workspace and i wanted to have a little return with it, so the idea was to transform the entire space into a house to rent online.

As you can see on the image above, the support table was Ana's project with pallets. My older brother gave us three pallets and we bought the casters and the frosted glass. The rest was all done by Ana and her father, they did the cutting, sanding and varnishing and it turned out very beautiful. I really loved the finished work. 
The dinning table legs and the wooden  chairs were bought in Ikea, and the glass above was part of my workspace drawing board.
Don't you think you can have lovely meals around here? I already did! 

This globe was on Ana's attic and she kindly lent me because it fits perfectly with the new remodeling, as we are receiving people from all over the world.

The interiors of the windows in the living room were dirty and needed a touch, so we decided to paint them dark blue. We wanted to extend the sky view that enter by the two windows we had here, and the result turned out much better than we imagined. 
We also used that same dark blue paint all over the house on the small back wall, as you will see on the next pictures.

These are the two bedrooms we arranged. Before they were kind of materials and papers, warehouse and they were so underutilized. We bough all the stuff on the first bedroom but the wooden shoe racks that belonged to my great grandfather. 

As you can see, the lower wall on both bedrooms are in the same color as the windows on the living room. It unify the whole area smoothly i think.

On the second bedroom we didn't bought almost anything. The bed belonged to my older brother that no longer lives with us, the white lamp was made a long time ago by me and Ana, and the wooden shelves were in my house, we just painted them grey. 

I think you don't need to spend a lot of money to achieve good results, sometimes you just need to work with what you have and be creative. 

This was actually the most difficult part of the remodeling, the small kitchen. It was the area of the loft that needed the most profound intervention. Everything is new here, the cabinets, the wooden top of the kitchen, the sink, the faucets and all the kitchen utensils and crockery.
We also bought a new fridge and a microwave with grill so the new guests can have all the convenience on this space. I don't have a photo of the microwave, but the second picture you can see the top of the new fridge.

We also have one bathroom and beautiful balcony with a stunning view over Lisbon city limits, but those areas we didn't intervene (yet).

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did remodeling it. 
By the way, if you are interested in staying in our space you can easily book it here.

Over and Out!

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